No More Numbers

I’m tired! So tired of living by the numbers when it comes to my fitness journey.

I’ve noticed what stops me from working out is the choice of which workout to do. When I spend more time thinking about which workout is the “right” one to get a “good burn”, than actually working out. That’s a problem. It’s an annoying process so I end up doing nothing instead. Before I had a heart rate monitor, a…

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A Shining Light by Judith Miller {Book Review}

A Shining Light by Judith Miller {Book Review}

This is the story of a young widow, Andrea Wilson and her son Lucas who find themselves returning to her family home after her husband is lost at sea and presumed dead. The hope is to start a new life at her father’s farm. However when she arrives things have changed drastically from what she remembers. Andrea finds herself alone with her son and limited resources. The kind people of a nearby…

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A Week in Pictures

A Week in Pictures

I took a blogging break this week because work has been very busy these days. Also I started planning for my Spring organization project. I aim to tackle the whole apartment over the next few weeks. All while trying to get back into a workout routine and eat better. It’s been a good type of busy all round. I’m so grateful Spring is here and I cannot wait to be outside more.

To start off the week…

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Fresh Air Friday

It’s been awhile since I have sat down to write “on the fly”. For the most part I have tried to cultivate a schedule for my blog and now that the schedule is in place…I HATE it! Go figure, a blogging topic schedule is not for me. The great thing is I can change it right now. Hence the title of this post. I’m going to go back to writing about things when I want. Not saving all fitness things for…

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Word-less Wednesday: TJ Maxx Haul March 2014

Word-less Wednesday: TJ Maxx Haul March 2014


It’s a little shocking but this haul does not have any fashion items. Truth be told I did not want to take off all my winter layers to try on clothes. Winter saved me some money this time. :)


I could not pass these up. I fell in love with the color, feel and words on the journal. Beautiful.

TJ Maxx Journals

(Yes, I recently started keeping a hand written journal as well.)

Office Sticky Notes

This was a…

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eatrageous Review

eatrageous Review

I have a confession to make…I am a chips addict.

No, not the cheesy TV show from the 70′s but potato chips, corn chips, sea salt chips, baked chips etc.

Name a chip and I am sure we are friends or at the very least close acquaintances. So when the folks at eatrageous contact me and offered to send me a box of their chips I was thrilled. New chips! :)

eatrageous original and mac n cheese

 photo 047005eatrageous sweet & smokey bbq and wasabi ranchDA-0AFF-47B5-AC35-0668E11ACF36.jpg

eatrageous chips are made with a special…

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